The Hero Round Table

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I was recently invited to speak at an event called the Hero Round Table in Michigan, USA; a conference that discusses and promotes the principles of heroism and provides real-life examples of people who bring these concepts to life all over the world. Now, it goes without saying that when someone invites you to an event with a name like ‘Hero Round Table’, you say yes. Immediately. Which is exactly what I did. And it was awesome.

The Round Table itself is a singularly fantastic and inspirational event, one that I can’t endorse enough. It brings together an incredibly diverse and powerful collection of individuals all doing truly positive and beneficial work around the world, demonstrating that heroes can come in all shapes and sizes. Visit the event website as well as that of the company behind the event, The Hero Construction Company, which introduces children in schools to heroic virtues and concepts, among other great work!

Video footage of the Michigan Round Table is online and my talk can be seen below:


Ahead of the conference I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed for the Heroism Podcast hosted by the two creators of the Hero Round Table, Matt Langdon and Ari Kohen, which was great fun to record. Have a watch and then look into the unique work being done by the Hero Construction Company..

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