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Had a great time talking to the awesomely-named Clark Danger at PaleoHacks about parkour, fear, biomechanics, edge-work, deliberate practice and more. Check it out.

“Parkour is a fitness buzzword with a huge coolness factor, but where can you get your start? Can everyone learn the fundamentals of parkour? Dan Edwardes, founder of Parkour Generations and Parkour UK, creator of ADAPT Parkour Certifications, and owner of Chainstore Gym, says absolutely.

On this podcast, the discussion revolves around parkour techniques, safety, approachability, and how to get mentally ready for a big session. It also digs deeply into what parkour is versus what many perceive it to be. You’ll also listen to Dan’s expert advice on both mastering parkour and achieving mastery in anything in general.”

3:00: Getting hooked on parkour
5:30: How parkour is used on the big screen
8:00: An explanation of what parkour is
10:30: Why parkour is suitable for all ages and backgrounds
12:30: On safety, practicing on ground level, and joining as a beginner
16:07: Acknowledging that injuries can provide feedback
19:00: Why biomechanical technique is important
22:00: Getting mentally ready before a parkour session
26:00: The benefits of doing “edge work”
33:30: “Deliberate practice is the key to achieving the mastery of anything”
36:00: On slowing down and taking a break when you need to

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