The Parkour & Freerunning Handbook

Parkour Cover

The Parkour & Freerunning Handbook is now in its 6th year and was the first book ever to be published on the discipline of parkour.

The Parkour & Freerunning Handbook is your guide to the defining and most exciting movement of our age. Combining the core elements of running, jumping and climbing with the discipline of the martial artist, freerunning, or parkour, is more than simply an elegant, non-competitive sport. It’s an art form, a philosophy promoting fitness, imagination, community spirit and ethical, healthy living.

This essential handbook offers a jump-by-jump guide to take you from parkour novice to confident and inventive traceur. With standout features on fitness and training, how to avoid injuries and tips for using the environment around you, this is more than just a user’s manual. It’s everything you need to begin your own journey of discovery in the way of natural movement.

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