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January 23

Undoing the Architecture of Fear

Fear is an edifice we build within ourselves. Unless you’re inhuman, you know fear. It’s natural. It’s healthy. It’s a survival mechanism designed to warn you against very real dangers and guide you safely through times of risk and uncertainty. But, if you’re like most people, the mechanism has got out of hand and grown […]

November 17

The Importance of Exposure

Have you noticed how more and more of your life is managed, and managed by someone or something else? Managed spaces, managed social networks, managed fun, ‘risk-free’ work and play environments; organised, standardised experiences of every kind. Massive over-precautions are taken in almost every walk of life now, usually as a result of a mass […]

June 18

Moving Through Fear

It is the little fears that quietly steal our lives. The grand concerns – death, loss, the meaning of existence… these things, by and large, we can and do ignore for most of our days. Philosophers and theologians may quibble and fret over the details of such imponderables, but most of us have not the […]