Personal Training

1-2-1 Coaching

I work with a very limited number of people who are highly dedicated to their own personal growth, development and journey of body and mind.

I believe in training the whole individual, not just the athlete, and if we work together we will go far beyond simple ‘fitness’ training or movement practice. I am interested only in helping individuals like yourself find alignment of body, mind and spirit- which requires dedication, deep introspection and the search for self knowledge.

The tools we will use are practical movement training, physicality, psychological challenge and whatever you bring with you.

Every client I take on receives completely bespoke guidance. Basic programming and universal systems are not for those who seek true mastery.

I work in one of two ways:

  1. Guided Practice – this is online only, for those who are too distant to work with in person.
  2. Private Tuition – in person, regular training sessions with homework and a development plan based on your personal goals.

My training is born of 30+ years in parkour, fighting arts, movement practices, holistic disciplines, meditation and practical survival skills. The way we will walk will not be easy, but it will be enjoyable. It will not always be fun, but it will be fulfilling. It will not be standardised, but it will be effective.

To discuss the possibilities please email me on