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October 25

The Value of Injury

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so – Hamlet, William Shakespeare If you’re naive enough to believe you can get the best out of your body (and, therefore, your life) without the risk of injury at some stage, you’re living in a fantasy. Either that or you’re happy to settle […]

October 19

Learning the Language of Movement

Movement is like language: to be able to utilise it you must understand the alphabet, know how to organise letters into words and then how to combine those words using grammar and syntax to create sentences. The letters alone are useless, only sentences enable fluency and function; equally, ill-formed and incomplete sentences, poorly spelt and […]

August 15

On Functional Movement: A Review of the Idea World Fitness Convention

This past week has seen us introducing parkour in various ways to one of the world’s largest annual professional fitness events, the Idea World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles, USA – and having a great time while doing so. It was our first time at Idea, the first time in fact that parkour has been […]