Business Consulting

Helping others succeed in bringing their passions to life is something I truly love to do.

Having built a successful global parkour business with multiple applications and products in sports, certifications, schools, military training, fitness, facility design and more, I now share that experience with entrepreneurial business builders looking to chart their own journey.

I work with entrepreneurs in all industries, not only parkour and movement, and only ever take on a select few clients at one time.

See below for an idea of the programmes I run.

A process designed for for startups, Jumpstart is a one month cycle that helps you lay out your plans, refine your goals and then take the first steps towards those goals. I’ll help you get the ball rolling and then keep you honest in those vital first few weeks.

Initial assessment call
1 day full planning consultation & ideation looking at direction / strategy / focus / values / systems / protocols
1 follow up call or meeting within 4 weeks


If your business is up and running but maybe in need of course correction, Navigator is a powerful tool to assist that process. We’ll review / refresh / refine / calibrate / identify blind spots / challenge your status quo / more.

Pre-meet research: 60 mins call / review of marketing / sales red team
1-2 day review and refresh / ideation
2 follow up calls bi-weekly
Review meeting after 6 weeks


Everyone benefits from coaching. Everyone. If you’re confident you’re on the right track in your business, but you want an external source of observation, reflection, insight and honesty, Light Touch is the way to go.

3 months minimum
30 mins initial appraisal call
Half-day in person meeting
Biweekly progress report and coaching call
Coaching, connections, support, feedback


All true success flows from self-mastery. Deep down, we all know what we need to do, we just work better with guidance, accountability and companionship. We all need an objective mirror to absorb and bounce our thoughts back at us, to challenge the status quo within us, to expand upon and grow the seeds of our ideas into giant realities.

3 months minimum
30 mins intro call
2 days in-person: analysis of lifestyle, current status, processes, goals and desires. Full systems cleanup.
Regular access by phone/email
Monthly meet-up / progress checkup
3 months achievement review meeting

£4950 pcm

If you’re looking to make powerful, far-reaching changes then an intensive period of absolutely honest self-reflection and value assessment can often be the most important step. The Intensive is five full days of deep dives, guided reflection, challenging questions and immersive training. It’s a chance to strip away all pretense, all self-deceit, to understand exactly what you want in life and exactly where you want to go, and then to work out how we’re going to get you there.

5 days in-person
Full appraisal of business, lifestyle, mindset and values
Alignment & insight sessions
Physical training
Dream building
Self mastery deep dives