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My journey into movement, training and the mind began around the tender age of eight years old when I embarked upon a lifelong study of the fighting arts. That journey took me around the world, learning as much as I could from as many sources as possible – always with the aim of understanding more about the self and our ability to positively impact the world and the people around us.
My training in parkour began in 2002, when the discipline was still young and only a handful of people around the world practised it. I was fortunate to meet and learn from many of the French pioneers and added that knowledge and approach to my own experience, creating what is now the global organisation Parkour Generations, which now teaches, disseminates and displays parkour internationally from grass-roots coaching to performing on the Silver Screen. Parkour Generations is the leading authority on parkour education, with our ADAPT Qualifications, Parkour For Schools and Parkour Fitness Programmes now the officially accredited certifications for parkour across the world.
Later we went on to work with the UK government to create Parkour UK, the world’s first and only recognised National Governing Body for the discipline.
I’m lucky now to be able to travel extensively, helping others find their way in movement, coaching and life, and regularly give keynotes, presentations and workshops around the world with a particular interest in encouraging a holistic approach to movement and personal development and harnessing the positive benefits of managing risk and fear.
When not training I spend my time exploring, riding motorbikes, writing and remembering to breathe.

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