November 19

Why Parkour is Perfect for Schools – 21CL Interview

Had a great chat with Michael Boll of 21st Century Learning about why parkour is the perfect antidote to inactivity and disengagement with physical education amongst young people in the modern world. Check it out:  

June 11

All Knowledge is Self Knowledge: Personal Transformation TV Interview

Had a great time chatting to Kie Piccio of Personal Transformation TV for his Athletic Sports Show. We covered a fair amount of ground, ranging from my experience with martial arts; parkour and movement practice; competition in sport and more. At the end of the day, all knowledge is self knowledge. Being aware of this […]

October 25

The Value of Injury

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so – Hamlet, William Shakespeare If you’re naive enough to believe you can get the best out of your body (and, therefore, your life) without the risk of injury at some stage, you’re living in a fantasy. Either that or you’re happy to settle […]

September 21

Endurance Junkie Podcast Interview

Real pleasure talking to Peter Brees at Endurance Junkie Podcast about parkour, holistic movement, training for life and varying movement to help specialised endurance athletes avoid injury. Check it out!

August 04

A Philosophy of Coaching

One of the topics we focus on in our education programme, ADAPT, is the importance of analysing and developing your own philosophy of coaching. Coaching is more than just passing on knowledge and information, and it’s far more than just facilitating training sessions or activating participants. Coaching is a high-level human interaction skill, and as […]

August 04

24Life Magazine Feature

Honoured to be featured by the USA’s 24Life Magazine recently as part of their Project Summer / Game Changers series. I’ve always enjoyed collaborating with 24 Hour Fitness and have run some education and courses for them as well as contributing to their 24Life Magazine this year with a monthly series on movement training. This […]

July 23

Coaching Cues: The C6

  CUE-JUTSU #6 When it comes to cueing for coaching movement you’ve got to get it right. And there’s a lot to get right! I’ll always teach new coaches the C6 rule – and ask them to check their cueing against these 6 simple standards. So when cueing, ask yourself the following six simple questions […]