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August 04

A Philosophy of Coaching

One of the topics we focus on in our education programme, ADAPT, is the importance of analysing and developing your own philosophy of coaching. Coaching is more than just passing on knowledge and information, and it’s far more than just facilitating training sessions or activating participants. Coaching is a high-level human interaction skill, and as […]

July 23

Coaching Cues: The C6

  CUE-JUTSU #6 When it comes to cueing for coaching movement you’ve got to get it right. And there’s a lot to get right! I’ll always teach new coaches the C6 rule – and ask them to check their cueing against these 6 simple standards. So when cueing, ask yourself the following six simple questions […]

May 26

ADAPT: Earning the Right to Teach

Occasionally we get asked why the ADAPT Qualifications are so physically demanding, when in principle they are only coaching qualifications? It’s a fair question, I suppose, and one the creators of ADAPT thought about long and hard when the system was developed around 5 years ago now. And while a small part of me does think […]

November 13

On Coaching: Be What You Teach

We live in a strange world. If you want to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or a shaper of people’s minds in a school, there are considerable and rigorous processes to go through to qualify to do those things – and rightly so, as such individuals are putting themselves in a position of responsibility […]

October 27

On Coaching: The Feedback Loop

Coaching is a hard thing to do well. That’s something we’ve learned over the last decade or so of passing on the principles, methods and concepts of parkour to tens of thousands of people across every continent on the planet. It’s something very close to our hearts and as we’ve seen the global network of […]