Coaching Cues: The C6

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When it comes to cueing for coaching movement you’ve got to get it right. And there’s a lot to get right! I’ll always teach new coaches the C6 rule – and ask them to check their cueing against these 6 simple standards. So when cueing, ask yourself the following six simple questions – Is my cue:

  • Correct? – be accurate and avoid misleading information
  • Clear? – ensure the information is presented clearly
  • Concise? – don’t lose the key points by being verbose
  • Constructive? – be positive and avoid negative criticism
  • Courteous? – be polite and non-threatening
  • Complete? – give all the information they need for the desired outcome

As a coach what you say and how you say it really matters. So work your Cue-Jutsu and serve your athletes a whole lot better.

We’ll soon be releasing a brand new CPD course at ADAPT qualifications focusing on Communication and Cueing, perfect for anyone wanting to improve this vital coaching skill.

For more information on parkour coaching and education, visit

CPD - Communication & Cueing Skills


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