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June 11

All Knowledge is Self Knowledge: Personal Transformation TV Interview

Had a great time chatting to Kie Piccio of Personal Transformation TV for his Athletic Sports Show. We covered a fair amount of ground, ranging from my experience with martial arts; parkour and movement practice; competition in sport and more. At the end of the day, all knowledge is self knowledge. Being aware of this […]

January 23

Life in Focus Interview

It was an absolute pleasure to be interviewed by the amazing Dr Alessandra Wall for the fantastic Life in Focus podcast out of the USA. We spoke about all manner of things, particularly about why seeking purpose is far more effective than seeking happiness, and Dr Wall’s insightful questions and comments are by far the […]

September 23

Keynote for Dance UK | Pushing Physical Boundaries

Being asked to deliver the keynote talk for the fantastic Dance UK organisation in London was a real honour and a great pleasure, and gave me the opportunity to air some thoughts on the importance of pushing physical boundaries and how I view injury as simply feedback – something that is not necessarily negative or […]

September 23

Interview with Parkour Generations Korea

A little while I ago, during one of the trips to South Korea to run an ADAPT certification course and a couple of workshops, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the fantastic guys at Parkour Generations Korea on all things parkour. During the interview we covered: Beginning parkour training Handling injury A philosophy […]

May 13

Elite Training Programs Interview

This was a great discussion with Wes Kennedy of Elite Training Programs, a USA based strength and conditioning group of coaches who really know their sh*t. Wes was particularly interested in the Parkour Tacticalâ„¢ and elite athlete training programmes we run at Parkour Generations, so we mainly focused on those areas but also managed to […]

May 13

Stop Chasing Pain Interview

It was a real pleasure to be interviewed by the hugely knowledgeable and downright likeable Dr Perry Nickelston of StopChasingPain.com about the natural movement principles embedded in parkour. I met Perry at the world’s first Barefoot Training Summit, held in Delhi, India, where we were both presenting and teaching. I spent a great few days […]

May 13

The Jack Butler Interview

Talking to Jack Butler for his fantastic ‘Agents of Conscious Change’ website was special not only because of the great work Jack does in inspiring, motivating and generally raising the consciousness of the planet, but also because I’ve actually known him from his school days in Norwich where he was mentored by a very good […]