Embrace. Adapt. Overcome

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The philosophy of parkour is incredibly simple but inevitably powerful. To live by it means to apply it to all challenges, across all walks of life – not just to overcoming physical obstacles and mastering the terrain around you.

An inevitability of positive, intentional adaptation is that you will not initially see what the solution to a problem will be. If you could, the adaptive principle would not be necessary.

We cannot know what the future holds, what other challenges lie in store, or how our current ones will play out. And we don’t need to know. As long as one remains fluid, embraces adversity, accepts the changes that healthy adaptation might bring, then one is far more likely to overcome.

This doesn’t mean the process won’t be difficult. It might – in fact it must – take unexpected turns. But the principle that drives the process remains the same.

If adaptation were an easy process, it wouldn’t be such a strength.

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