Programming for Humans

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Programming is developing the human on an individual basis, even within a group training setting.

The best training programmes must be tailored for the recipient, and the best coaches will make sure this happens. Every human being is unique: anatomically, physiologically, psychologically, historically – we are each an infinitely complex interaction of these interconnected paradigms, and as such there can be no ‘off-the-shelf’ programme that is optimal for all.

Tailoring requires active responsiveness on the part of the coach, enabling tweaks, adjustments, alterations, allowances for fatigue, embodiment, reactivity, and much more. And that requires constant observation. One size does not fit all.

Of course, this doesn’t mean a standard programme can’t be a good starting point. A template. But all templates are there to be adjusted as required for each individual situation.

Keep in mind the human factor when building your programmes. Make them realistic, make them flexible, build in adaptability: you’ll see they have much more relevance to your people, and are far more likely to bring the desired results.


  1. I’ve been tinkering with long term strength and conditioning programs for athletes lately, and being a Parkour “athlete” (quotes because I probably practice once a week, if that, these days), I want to apply what I’ve learned to tracers. I haven’t seen much of this outside of what Ryan Ford has done at Apex. Does PKGen have insight into long-term S&C mixed with technical practice anywhere? 🤔


    1. Hi Ty – yes, physical preparation (whether GPP or SPP) for parkour is a huge element of our training, always has been. Strength training is a central aspect of healthy movement, as I’m sure you know.
      Something we’ve refined over the last 15 years or so, but in general we have preferred to communicate this in person via classes and events/courses, rather than online.


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