The Point of No Return

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There’s a moment in every jump we take in parkour, a point of no return when we decide to commit and trust our ability, training and experience to see us safely to the other side.

That moment is a gateway; a doorway leading from one vision of ourselves to another. The you that steps through that doorway, that grabs that moment and makes that jump, is different from the you who didn’t.

The you who lands the jump is different from the you who takes off. You have learned something, earned something. Something priceless. Every time.

You have claimed a bit of your own destiny, asserted a piece of your will to act, to create, to choose. You have taken another step towards self-mastery and, more importantly, self-knowledge.

Treasure those moments of no return. Seek them out and capture them.

Then let them go, so you may start again.

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