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August 04

24Life Magazine Feature

Honoured to be featured by the USA’s 24Life Magazine recently as part of their Project Summer / Game Changers series. I’ve always enjoyed collaborating with 24 Hour Fitness and have run some education and courses for them as well as contributing to their 24Life Magazine this year with a monthly series on movement training. This […]

January 16

Move well then move fast and well.

Arguably the most important element of training for any discipline, goal or task is to be able to carry out the requisite movements with as much efficiency and as little stress on the body as possible. This is known as biomechanical fitness and is the ability of your entire system (bones, fascia, ligaments, tendons, muscles) […]

January 14

Cue-Jutsu: Six Vital Pointers for Cueing as a Movement Coach

The very best coaches understand this simple truth: what you say and how you say it matters. A lot. Good cueing can get fast, accurate, desired results for both you and your learners. Bad cueing can confuse, impede learning, and waste time – for both you and your learners. Here are just six starting points […]

January 02

Islington Gazette Interview

I was lucky enough to be featured in London’s Islington Gazette this past month talking about our annual Winterval Training Day event at Parkour Generations. The feature focuses mainly on why it’s important to brave the elements and keep training outdoors even in winter, to keep body and mind sharp! The cold is just another obstacle […]

July 25

Hero Round Table London May 12-13

So it’s coming – we’re bringing the incredible Hero Round Table event to London in May this year! I first spoke at the Hero Round Table Conference in Michigan, USA, in 2015, and then again in the Netherlands in 2016. It inspired me so much I initiated London’s first Hero Round Table with HRT founder […]

May 01

The Hero’s Doubt

What does it feel like to be a hero? Who out there ever wakes up in the morning and thinks to themselves ‘Yes, I am a hero’? Probably none of you. Hopefully none of you. Because there is no ‘hero feeling’. Talk to anyone who has done something truly heroic and ask them if they […]

May 01

Why Extreme Sports Aren’t Extreme

It’s a very cool title isn’t it: Extreme Sports! Often seen with a dropped ‘E’ so you get some form of X-treme or X-awesome or x-whatever, because hey, doesn’t that make it even more hardcore, even more cool, even more rebellious? That’s sticks it to The Man, for sure, right? X’s are just bad-ass! But […]