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November 19

Why Parkour is Perfect for Schools – 21CL Interview

Had a great chat with Michael Boll of 21st Century Learning about why parkour is the perfect antidote to inactivity and disengagement with physical education amongst young people in the modern world. Check it out:  

June 11

All Knowledge is Self Knowledge: Personal Transformation TV Interview

Had a great time chatting to Kie Piccio of Personal Transformation TV for his Athletic Sports Show. We covered a fair amount of ground, ranging from my experience with martial arts; parkour and movement practice; competition in sport and more. At the end of the day, all knowledge is self knowledge. Being aware of this […]

September 21

Endurance Junkie Podcast Interview

Real pleasure talking to Peter Brees at Endurance Junkie Podcast about parkour, holistic movement, training for life and varying movement to help specialised endurance athletes avoid injury. Check it out!

May 09

The Hero Forge Interview

Had a great time discussing the transformative practice that is parkour on The Hero Forge Podcast recently. Well worth subscribing.

January 15

Limitless Pursuits Interview

‘We’re dedicated to bringing you the stories of men and women from around the world who have beaten seemingly impossible odds to achieve greatness in in extremes sports, adventure and travel. The strength of human spirit is at the core of what we promote. Whether it be pushing themselves to the limit or having an impact […]

January 02

Canary Wharf Business Innovation Award 2016

At the end of 2016 I was blown away to receive the Canary Wharf Innovation in Business Award for Business Partnerships in conjunction with my co-director and partner-in-crime at Parkour Generations, Francois ‘Forrest’ Mahop. We’ve had some amazing recognition over the years, but to be acknowledged at the highest levels of London’s business community is […]

January 02

Gym Owner Monthly Feature

In December 2016 I was honoured to be awarded Gym Owner of the Month by Gym Owner Monthly Magazine. Had a great conversation with the good people there about the world of parkour, the now-legendary Chainstore Gym in London, vision and all manner of cool stuff. Check out the interview here!