Your Mind is not Always Your Friend

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It is important to remember that not always is your own mind your friend. In fact, the mind is the most slippery of opponents, and the most cunning, and the most persistent.

It will use every trick in the book to encourage you to give up the fight. It knows you better than anyone; your patterns, your weak points, your vulnerabilities.

‘You’re too tired today’, it will whisper.

Or perhaps, ‘it’s a bit wet still from the rain, best to leave training for another day.’

‘Don’t push yourself too much, you may get injured’, it will warn.

And finally it may reassure you, ‘you can always come back and do it tomorrow. Let’s finish for the day.’

But listen to this sibilant voice too much, and soon it will extinguish the fire within you completely.

This is an endless struggle against your own resistance and you are the only one who can win it, day by day.

(Photo by Andy Day)

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