November 23

PaleoHacks Interview

Had a great time talking to the awesomely-named Clark Danger at PaleoHacks about parkour, fear, biomechanics, edge-work, deliberate practice and more. Check it out. “Parkour is a fitness buzzword with a huge coolness factor, but where can you get your start? Can everyone learn the fundamentals of parkour? Dan Edwardes, founder of Parkour Generations and […]

November 23

Parkour for Entrepreneurs: How to Approach Obstacles

I was very honoured to be featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and on the Entrepreneur Network YouTube Channel, talking about how we apply our philosophy of embracing adversity and obstacles in life as an opportunity to improve ourselves.

July 25

Hero Round Table London May 12-13

So it’s coming – we’re bringing the incredible Hero Round Table event to London in May this year! I first spoke at the Hero Round Table Conference in Michigan, USA, in 2015, and then again in the Netherlands in 2016. It inspired me so much I initiated London’s first Hero Round Table with HRT founder […]

May 01

The Hero’s Doubt

What does it feel like to be a hero? Who out there ever wakes up in the morning and thinks to themselves ‘Yes, I am a hero’? Probably none of you. Hopefully none of you. Because there is no ‘hero feeling’. Talk to anyone who has done something truly heroic and ask them if they […]

May 01

Why Extreme Sports Aren’t Extreme

It’s a very cool title isn’t it: Extreme Sports! Often seen with a dropped ‘E’ so you get some form of X-treme or X-awesome or x-whatever, because hey, doesn’t that make it even more hardcore, even more cool, even more rebellious? That’s sticks it to The Man, for sure, right? X’s are just bad-ass! But […]

February 15

Why You Need To Mind Your Movement

What I have learned over the years of training is that no matter how you evolve your body it really means very little unless you also evolve your mind. We are quick to want to change the body, to strengthen, improve, shape, tone, build… But how easily or often do we attempt to change the […]

January 23

Life in Focus Interview

It was an absolute pleasure to be interviewed by the amazing Dr Alessandra Wall for the fantastic Life in Focus podcast out of the USA. We spoke about all manner of things, particularly about why seeking purpose is far more effective than seeking happiness, and Dr Wall’s insightful questions and comments are by far the […]